Responsive Leadership – Everyone should have the opportunity to speak to a councilman who is willing to represent them and who will speak to them even if they disagree. Uriah Ward will work to keep residents of District 3 informed about council activities and will engaged with residents on issues of concern. He will do so by holding regular town hall events, maintaining a detailed newsletter and keeping citizens informed through social media.

Traffic – Greenville’s traffic is notoriously dangerous. We should take several steps in order to address this problem. First, we should allocate sufficient funds to road repair so that vehicles have a smoother and less-damaging ride. Next, we should promote Complete Streets by building greenways, sidewalks, bikepaths and crosswalks so that more people can get around town without a vehicle. We can also get more people off the road by improving our Public Transit system. We should encourage denser growth so that people don’t have to spend as much time on the road to get what they need.

Small Business and Opportunity – Everyone should have the opportunity to find a job or start their own business in Greenville. We should promote small businesses with grants, continue to utilize the SEED Program and explore setting up a business incubator for West Greenville. We should strengthen and expand our public Wi-Fi system, especially in economically disadvantaged areas. This will allow more people to take classes, do homework or start an online business. We should establish a Small Business Commission to promote pro-business policies in city hall. Uriah will also work to support “Buy Local” efforts and will promote the small businesses of District 3.

Public Safety – Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel secure in where we live. We should continue to promote community policing and we should ensure accountability by utilizing body cameras 24/7. We should improve street lighting throughout the district. We should also increase enforcement of laws meant to keep pedestrians safe. In order to achieve our goals, we will need to make sure that law enforcement and fire safety are fully funded.

Quality of Life – Building a high quality of life is necessary for recruiting talent, protecting property values and improving the Greenville experience. We should protect our neighborhoods and promote market rate and affordable housing over additional student housing. We should continue to invest in our parks and recreational facilities — including Eastside Park — so that residents of Greenville will have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and participate in valuable programs. We should work to strengthen code enforcement so that everyone has the opportunity to live without excessive disruption. We should also work harder to promote our Down Payment Assistance Programs for low-income first-time home buyers.