Marion Blackburn, former District 3 City Councilwoman:

Uriah Ward has principles, values, and integrity. We can believe what he says. He has the vision we need, right now, to keep Greenville moving forward – and to make sure Greenville grows strong as a lighthouse for the east. He genuinely cares about this city – and is already working for it.

Uriah leads – that’s what he does every day. He can – and will – easily step onto the City Council. He has the energy, the experience, and the record. He knows the issues, and he understands governance. He is compassionate, he is responsive, and he is engaged.

More than that, however, Uriah has a natural interest in building the community, strengthening partnerships, and developing consensus. He brings people together. I can think of no better qualification for the job of serving on City Council.

Uriah is the new leadership we need right now. Engaged and compassionate, he is a fighter for us – for the values we share. For economic growth that serves the entire community, and not just a few; for roads and infrastructure we need; for the parks and greenways that make our community strong – and desirable for new business.

Andrew Morehead, Professor at ECU:

He believes in representing everyone in his district, including residents of all ages, races, orientations and belief systems. We need someone like Uriah to speak for safe neighborhoods and clean neighborhoods.

Ann Maxwell, Member of the Environmental Advisory Commission:

I think a person like this is what we need on our city council. Someone who will really research the issues and be committed to serving all of us. Uriah is our candidate and I think he’s going to win!

Lauren A. Smith: 

So excited to hear Uriah Ward is continuing to challenge our present and move forward to changing our future for the better. I 110% support Uriah and know he has our children, our own, and our environment’s best interests not only in heart, but in action as well.

Zachary Pate, 2nd Vice Chair of the Pitt Count Democratic Party:

I have known Uriah for several years. Through being fellow delegates to 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, active members of New Greenville, and other community based interactions, Uriah has proven to me to be a tempered, intelligent, and competent leader. As a student in Urban Planning at East Carolina University, I trust that Uriah will not only make the best choices for Greenville’s vast student population, but also focus on the needs of a rapidly growing City.

With Uriah’s leadership, the expansion of sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways, and public transportation are all real possibilities! Investment in infrastructure, affordable housing, and open space are also issues I know Uriah will champion!

Milly Smith, Uriah’s Fiancé: 

My name is Milly Smith and Uriah is my fiancé, so I know him pretty well. One thing that I’ve always noticed about Uriah is how much he loves Greenville – though I like to think he loves me more. His passion for improving this community is never ending. He’s been talking to me about how we can improve Greenville since I’ve known him. I know that he will be a dedicated and dynamic councilman if he is given the opportunity to serve. Uriah is a man of integrity and commitment and the city council would be fortunate to have him. I hope you’ll cast your ballot for Uriah Ward on November 7th.

Glenesha Berryman, Student at ECU:

Uriah represents the best of the teaching profession, inspiring us to create meaningful change both inside and outside of the classroom. I am happy to stand behind a candidate who understands that student success is impossible without a strong, supportive, and equitable community.

Sabrin Wshah, Student at ECU:

Uriah Ward is wonderful leader! Uriah has shown our Greenville community his leadership skills by creating a non-profit organization, “New Greenville”, to work on issues that affect our community! He motivates our community and works to make our Greenville community better! He will be an essential and important asset to the Greenville City Council!

Heather Irvin:

Uriah is a uniquely qualified candidate for City Council. Between his educational background, political experience, and passion for improving the lives of Greenville citizens, I will be more than thrilled to cast my vote for Uriah Ward!



LaunchProgress PAC:

“We’re thrilled to support Uriah Ward for Greenville City Council, District 3,” said Arielle Swernoff, LaunchProgress Executive Director. “Uriah will be a voice for progress on the city council. He has been a consistent advocate for all of Greenville’s residents, and we’re confident that Uriah will work hard every day to move his city forward.”


If you would like to endorse Uriah for City Council, click here!