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Uriah Ward Proposes Small Business Commission,

Launches Small Business Webpage


GREENVILLE, N.C. (August 2nd, 2017) – On Tuesday evening, Uriah Ward made an appearance on Pirate Radio and proposed a Small Business Commission for Greenville. You can find the full interview here:


Early Wednesday morning, Uriah launched to promote pro-business policies and to reach out to local business owners. There, he asks for their input on what we can do to better-promote small businesses in Greenville.


“Whenever you patronize a local business, that money stays in Greenville. It supports people and families who decided to take a risk and invest in our city.


Whenever you make it easier to start small businesses, you empower people to make their own way and cultivate the job growth that is desperately needed in Greenville.


Whenever you do whatever you can to make sure local businesses have the opportunity to succeed, you create a city with unique experiences and an improved quality of life.


If we want to build a city that rewards local investment, teems with opportunity, recruits and retains the best talent and develops a unique culture, we must support our current and future small businesses.


As I’ve campaigned, I’ve had a chance to speak with many local business owners. I’ve been disappointed by what I’ve learned. I keep hearing that our local business owners feel like the City of Greenville doesn’t prioritize them, that they aren’t being listened to and that they don’t have a seat at the table.


I went on Pirate Radio and proposed a Small Business Commission for the City of Greenville. We have 21 Boards and Commissions that do great work. They each advise our City Council on specific areas of policy. I had the opportunity to serve as the Chair-Elect of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission. However, we don’t have one that works to promote our local businesses.


If we create this commission, we will be giving our local business owners and managers a literal seat at the table. I hope that this will create an improved relationship between our city and our entrepreneurs and will yield policies that make it easier for people to set up shop in Greenville.”


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